Real-time Exchange Rates

What are Real-time Rates?

Real-time rates (also known as “spot rates” or “live rates”) have countless use cases, varying from supporting treasury and finance global operations to helping product managers and developers build web functionalities and powering digital products. Travel sites and e-marketplaces, for example, depend on real-time FX rates to power their global pricing engine and currency conversion needs; financial websites will use real-time exchange rates to showcase currency trends, provide access to instant currency conversions, or engage customers with interactive charting.

The OANDA spot rates are a true reflection of the forex market and are updated every 5 seconds. Our API provides historical real-time rates and 96 fixings per day (every 15 minutes over a 24-hour period). The fixing data includes the most comprehensive dataset for each “candle” (or interval): bid, ask, and mid point for open, close, high, and low.