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A Modern Approach to Technical Trading

Forward Thinking Traders is a brand new Premium education program offering an in-depth look at modern technical analysis and trading strategies. The 8 hour program is taught across four two-hour sessions and is exclusive to registered OANDA clients only, with the exception of Session 1 which is open to all! In this first session, you are introduced to two technical trading strategies which we will explore in more detail through the course, as well as some of the elements of these strategies.

  • A modern approach to identifying and interpreting trends
  • Test your knowledge of trends
  • How technical traders locate charts with ‘optimal’ chart structure before they begin looking for potential trading opportunities 
  • Common characteristics of some of the world’s most successful traders
  • Explore the meaning and importance of developing a “trader’s mindset”


October 02 07:00PM EDT

November 06 07:00PM GMT

Price Action Mastery

In this second session, we dive deeper into understanding the forces driving the movement of price and develop a framework for interpreting price movements and possible future direction. By the end of this session you will have a deeper understanding of key elements in a modern day technical analyst’s toolbox:

  • A fresh approach to finding and interpreting support and resistance levels
  • Why sloping trend lines are subjective and why objectivity is vital for a technical trader
  • Candlestick patterns
  • How price action combined with simple moving averages can be a leading indicator of possible price movement


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Understanding the Bigger Picture

In this third session, we begin to layer technical indicators like Moving Averages, MACD and RSI on to our understanding of trends to develop a deeper assessment of price action. We begin to see how using conventional indicators in innovative ways can help us gauge the strength of trends, and determine whether we should consider joining them or staying out. We will explore the concept of indicator convergence and examine how we can:

  • Use convergence between price and indicators to assess the probability of a trend continuing
  • Accurately assess divergence to spot potential trend reversals
  • Tie the technical ‘ingredients’ together with the bigger picture view
  • Effectively utilize multiple timeframe analysis to add confidence to your assessment of potential price movement


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Precision Trading Strategies

In this session, we discuss two complete strategies that can potentially be applied to various time frames and liquid markets. We demonstrate how combining multiple technical analysis ‘ingredients’ in a specific ‘recipe’ can enable you to determine your own entry, stop and target values when certain setups present themselves. In this fast-paced session we:

  • Teach both the ‘Momentum Breakout’ and ‘Trend Flow’ strategies in significant detail
  • Help you understand the elements of each strategy and develop a detailed checklist that enables you to identify potential trading opportunities
  • Emphasize important risk and money management practices
  • Learn how recordkeeping and feedback can be important to your development as a trader


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Explaining Inner Trend Lines and Identifying Key Areas of Price Acceleration

Successful self-directed FX traders rely heavily on support and resistance levels and trend lines, however many novice traders fail to understand how to accurately apply these levels and, more importantly, how to use and apply inner trend lines. During this webinar, we’ll talk you through the importance of inner trend lines and how you can use them to identify key areas of price acceleration. This workshop will be invaluable if you want to improve your trading strategy and learn how to become a successful FX and CFD trader.

  • How professional traders use and apply trend lines on multiple timeframes
  • Why using inner trendlines helps identify where price is likely to accelerate
  • Reducing your initial drawdown once you enter a trend with inner trendlines
  • Finding solid risk reward trading opportunities using trendlines


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Top Down Analysis: Using Multiple Timeframes To Gain An Edge With Your Trading

Successful traders use a clearly defined trading strategy that not only identifies the best time to enter the market, it also addresses the critical factor of when to stay out. Our top-down analysis session identifies how you can use and apply multiple timeframes to gain an edge in your strategy and explains why this is critical for your trading plan. You will learn:

  • How to systematically use multiple timeframes to locate trading opportunities
  • Applying an effective checklist to every trade before entering the market
  • Using multiple timeframe analysis to avoid potentially bad trade setups
  • Live trading examples: watch our trainer analyse the markets using the timeframe analysis checklist


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Exploring The Magic Of Fibonacci: Using Price Anatomy To Identify Key Price Levels

Despite its prevalence in the natural world, Fibonacci is often misused even by experienced traders, however this tool can provide invaluable insights into price exhaustion, reversal opportunities and take profit levels when used correctly. During this webinar, we’ll help you better understand how you can use Fibonacci price anatomy to identify key price levels. You will learn:

  • An unconventional way to measure price extension to identify short-term targets
  • How to wait for a ‘natural movement’ that allows you to put probability on your side
  • Using Fibonacci to identify areas of price exhaustion
  • A concise framework on how to use Fibonacci to identify clear entry and exit levels


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Opportunities With Price Gaps & Volume Analysis: Ideal Areas For Low-Risk Entries

Price spikes offer a unique opportunity for experienced traders with an in-depth understanding of how to take advantage of market volatility, however many novice traders remain unaware of the risk involved. During this session we’ll help you understand how you can exploit price inefficiencies after a spike occurs in order to identify low-risk entries and better align your setups with market direction. You will learn:

  • The origin and anatomy of a price spike and how to use them to your advantage
  • The risks involved when trading highly volatile price spikes
  • Exploiting price inefficiencies after a spike occurs and using them to your advantage
  • Probabilities of gaps being filled and how to align your trade setups with the most likely direction afterwards


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Continuation And Reversal Price Patterns: Advanced Entry Strategies Using Micro Patterns

The forex markets are renowned for trending, and being able to capture a solid part of a successful trend can significantly increase your chances of placing a successful trade, however in among these trends are micro patterns that signal opportunities for continuation and reversals. OANDA’s technical trading analyst David Villagra outlines how to enter your trades based on these patterns during this online training session. You will learn to:

  • Identify the precise rules for entry based on micro patterns occurring in lower time frames
  • Gain clarity on your entry signals so you aren’t left guessing
  • Using micro pattern analysis to identify trending opportunities
  • Live chart examples: Learn from the most critical intra-day chart patterns used by short-term traders


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Managing Trades: Flexible Exit Strategies Across Multiple Timeframes and Market Conditions

Smart traders understand that profits are generated on exit rather than entry levels, and as such often manage their trades using multiple exit strategies, providing greater flexibility and potentially maximising their opportunities. During this session, we’ll provide you with an in-depth understanding of how you can incorporate flexible exit strategies across multiple timeframes and market conditions. This workshop will be invaluable if you want to improve your trading strategy and learn how to become a successful FX and CFD trader.

  • We’ll take you through a broad framework of exits to give you ultimate flexibility on all open positions
  • Understand the importance of placing a hard stop to give your open position ‘room to breathe’
  • Learn how to structure your trade to systematically take profits off the table at key levels
  • We’ll uncover a range of exits including gap analysis, micro patterns, trending trades and reversals to name a few


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- Angela C.

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– Yvette M.

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