Forex Trader Stories

Learning forex? Remember that there's no typical story.

Some trade full time, others part time, and others on-the-job. Some traders follow their gut instincts; others use 100% automated programs running half a world away. These full-length interviews will show you that forex trading strategy is unique for every individual. What's your style?

Rodrigo Villela

Rodrigo Villela is Trading Manager for an international trading company based in Mexico City. He uses fxTrade on his job to hedge his company's exposure to volatile foreign currencies and silver, and even to make speculative gains for his company with some of its excess cash flow.

Stuart Harris
United Kingdom

Stuart Harris provides trend spotting insight and market analysis to multinational clients from his base in Bath, U.K. He started trading forex in 2003 to hedge some currency risk selling his house in Holland. He now earns solid returns waiting out the ups and downs in the EUR/GBP currency pair.

Malcolm Morley

Malcolm Morley lives near the Australian coast two hours from Melbourne. After a long career in the financial industry, he became a private trader in 1999 and now focuses on foreign exchange. His trading system is 100% automated, based on fxTrade APIs.

Sean Porter

Sean Porter turned a lifelong fascination with currencies into self-employment with his discovery of online forex trading in 2000, and has been trading forex full-time since his discovery of the carry trade in early 2005. Sean lives near New Orleans, and is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina and of occasional market storms.

New Zealand

DGCFX (the pseudonym for a New Zealand trader) has a background focused on technology and cryptology, including a stint at the United States National Security Agency. He uses APIs to automate a diversified carry basket trading in well over 20 different currencies.

James Kirst

James started trading forex with OANDA in 2002, going full-time in 2005. He is also a musician with his own recording studio. James focuses on EUR/USD, so lives on the European time zone even when at home in California. (He lives off and on in Switzerland to get a more normal sleep cycle, and is setting up an office there.)

Trading FX and/or CFDs on margin is high risk and not suitable for everyone. Losses can exceed investment.