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Trading opportunities with liquidity gaps: ideal areas for low-risk entries with David Villagra

Price spikes offer a unique opportunity for experienced traders with an in-depth understanding of how to take advantage of market volatility, however many novice traders remain unaware of the risk involved. During this session, we’ll help you understand how you can exploit price inefficiencies after a spike occurs in order to identify low-risk entries and better align your setups with market direction.

This workshop will be invaluable if you want to improve your trading strategy and learn how to become a more successful FX and CFD trader.

What we'll cover:

  • The origin and anatomy of a price spike and how to use them to your advantage
  • The risks involved when trading highly volatile price spikes
  • Exploiting price inefficiencies after a spike occurs and using them to your advantage
  • Probabilities of gaps being filled and how to align your trade setups with the most likely direction afterward

This course is suitable for you if:

  • You have a basic level of trading experience
  • You are looking to identify new trading strategies
  • You are keen to learn advanced entry techniques
  • You would like to learn from an experienced trader


No future dates available at the moment.

Hosted by David Villagra

David Villagra

David Villagra

Market Analyst

David Villagra started his career during the tech boom of 1999, working first at Bankers Trust and then Deutsche Bank, which set the scene for his focus in analysing charts, using price action and volume analysis. Thanks to his extensive skill and expertise in technical analysis, he has led education divisions for some of the world’s largest FX and CFD firms, running live seminars and online workshops for new and experienced traders alike. With more than 17 years’ experience spanning both the retail and interbank money markets, Villagra has built strong relationships within the private client and high-net-worth sectors, advising traders on how to build a robust trading system that focused on the FX markets.

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