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Continuation and reversal price patterns: high probability entry strategies using patterns with David Villagra

The markets are renowned for trending, and being able to capture a solid part of a successful trend can significantly increase your chances of placing a successful trade, however in among these trends are patterns that signal opportunities for continuation and reversal. OANDA’s price action trading analyst David Villagra outlines how these patterns may be used as part of your trading strategy.

This workshop will be invaluable if you want to improve your trading strategy and learn how to become a more successful FX and CFD trader.

What we'll cover:

  • How to identify the market environment better and understand the structure of the price action
  • Gain clarity on your entry signals so you aren’t left guessing
  • Using micro patterns to identify trending opportunities and how to enter any market environment
  • Live chart examples: learn from the most critical intra-day chart patterns used by short-term traders

This course is suitable for you if:

  • You have a basic level of trading experience
  • You are looking to identify new trading strategies
  • You are keen to learn advanced entry techniques
  • You would like to learn from an experienced trader


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Hosted by OANDA

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