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Up-to-Date Exchange Rates for all Your Business Processes

Make OANDA’s data available to your business stakeholders by seamlessly plugging OANDA Exchange Rates into your corporate planning & finance systems.

Automated Currency Data

Compatible with most corporate planning and finance systems including Oracle, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP.

Audit Compliance

No human intervention and consistent with OANDA's Currency Converter.

Functional Data

Exchange rates that let you book daily international transactions, do month-end reporting, or perform expense reporting.

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Plug OANDA Exchange Rates into your systems & automate your flows



Free 30-day trial

Access our API for 30 days and request up to 1000 exchange rates for 190 currencies


$400/ month

$4,500 / year (save $300 / year)

100,000 quotes per month

Daily average bid, mid and ask rates

More than 190 currencies and precious metals

Unlimited data going back to January 1990

Period average, high, and low rates

Email support

No activation fee


$750/ month

$8,500 / year (save $500 / year)

Unlimited quotes per month*

Daily average bid, mid and ask rates

More than 190 currencies and precious metals

Unlimited data going back to January 1990

Period average, high, and low rates

Phone support

No activation fee

Access to sales engineer for integration assistance

* Max 1 hit/second

Authoritative Source for Leading Corporations

We are the currency authority for the "Big Four" accounting firms, tax authorities, and financial institutions worldwide


Need assistance with integration? We've thought of that too

Our trusted partners are available to help you and your team get our exchange rates

Placeholder fxLoader provides a service to load
OANDA Exchange Rates automatically
into your Oracle applications.
Placeholder Microsoft shows you how to create exchange
rate providers for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
Placeholder SmartDog can set up daily exchange rate
uploads into your Oracle applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

What sort of rates does your API provide?

Our API provides daily average, high and low bid and ask rates, midpoints, and weekly and monthly averages. Average rates may be calculated over a custom date range. You may request rates with a fixed number of decimal places and the default number of decimal place is 5.

Where do you source your rates from?

We source our data from a number of different sources, including OANDA's fxTrade trading platform. Our source data passes through an algorithm that detects and filters anomalies, such as spikes in rates.

API Documentation

Refer to our detailed guide for help
on integrating with our API or for
technical specifications.

Product Questions

Need more information? Call us on
1-800-826-8164 (toll-free) or
+1-212-390-8735 (international)

Billing Inquiries

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and payment information. You can also
email us at

Full Feature Overview

Authentication via API key in HTTP header. Output formats: XML, JSON and CSV. Over 190 currencies and 36,000 currency pairs. Historical data going back as far as January 1990. Daily average bid, mid and ask rates. Period average, high, and low rates. Meta data available in response.
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